February 7, 2016

Big Ten is down, Pelini doesn’t care–Big Red Report (AUDIO)

Is the Big Ten conference down? Has the conference lost some of its swagger? Looking at the AP Poll, Ohio State is the highest ranked Big Ten team at 14th. Michigan State is 20th and the Huskers 22nd. Only three Big Ten teams in the top 25…I remember when this conference would have six teams. Now Northwestern, Michigan and Wisconsin are just on the outside looking in, but looking at other BCS conferences, the SEC has five in the top 11. The Big 12 have five in the top 16, even the Pac 12 has four teams that ranked. Perhaps it’s because the Big Ten plays a more traditional game with not a lot of gimmicks, and spread offenses? Or, the fact the Big Ten went 4-6 last year in bowl games and 3-6 the year before that? Has the traditional approach in college football lost its place? Whatever reason, Bo Pelini isn’t buying into the fact that the Big Ten is a bad conference.

AUDIO Big Red Report (2:00)

Plus, the Husker players have a message for the fans at Memorial Stadium tomorrow against the Badgers. Be loud and be proud. With more on that here’s Sean Callahan

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