February 10, 2016

Lt. Gov. Sheehy expects primary competition in governor’s race (AUDIO)

Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy

Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy doesn’t expect to be the only Republican in the race for governor in 2014.

Sheehy says, at present, he is focused on being Lt. Governor. He is traveling the state and raising money for his race to replace Gov. Dave Heineman in 2014. Heineman has endorsed his running mate as his successor.

Other Republicans have been eyeing the race as well, including the Speaker of the Legislature, Mike Flood of Norfolk.

Sheehy says he expects other Republicans to enter the primary.

AUDIO: Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy on possible primary competition. [:15]

“I’m sure there will be,” Sheehy says, “but, we (Republicans) welcome primaries. What we want is to have the best representatives in our state government. So, there’s nothing wrong with competition.”

Flood has been traveling the state, talking with a number of people about a potential run for governor. He has made no secret that he is considering the race, but has made no formal announcement.

Sheehy says doesn’t concern himself about the possible candidacy of Flood or any other Republican.

AUDIO: Sheehy on possible competition from Speaker Mike Flood. [:20]

“The only thing that I know I can do is control what I do. I can’t control what other people do,” Sheehy says. “My focus still is to do my best job. I’m sure there will be potentially several people. I don’t know who will or who won’t get in.”

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