February 13, 2016

Nebraska Democrats accuse Fischer of a double standard (AUDIO)

Vince Powers

The Nebraska Democratic Party has accused United States Senate candidate Deb Fischer of using a double-standard when approaching the role of government and the courts.

Chairman-elect Vince Powers charged during a news conference in Lincoln that Fischer wants to cut government spending, except when it benefits her and wants to curtail legal action unless she asks the courts to resolve a dispute of hers.

“The double standard is, government’s good when it lines my pocket, the legal system is good when I can use it to bully a neighbor,” Powers stated. “But, when anyone else wants it, it’s bad.”

The state Democratic Party has long criticized Fischer for benefitting from below-market lease rates from the National Forest Service to graze the cattle on her ranch near Valentine. The party has claimed the Fischer’s operation, Sunny Slope Ranch, has saved nearly $3 million over the years in subsidized grazing fees.

Now, the party has taken aim at a lawsuit filed more than ten years ago against a neighbor.

About 100 acres of land between Sunny Slop Ranch and Snake Falls Ranch, owned by Les and Betty Kime, had not been fenced and had been shared by the two ranches. Without a fence, the actual property line was not marked. The Fischers filed a lawsuit, claiming that they had taken care of the land and it belonged to them. A court ruled against the Fischers in 1997.

Powers pointed out that Fischer advocates restricting medical malpractice lawsuits.

“At the same time, she doesn’t say, ‘Oh, by the way, the first time I had a chance to sue, I hired a lawyer, I went out and I sued my neighbor.’” Powers stated. “So, she’s all for lawsuits when it benefits her.”

Powers added that Fischer attempted to change legislation regarding fencing disputes when she became a state legislator.

The Fischer campaign dismissed the charge as a false, personal attack on Fischer.

“Democrats know Bob Kerrey is struggling in the polls and they’re now resorting to launching false personal attacks against Senator Fischer,” Fischer spokesman Daniel Keylin said in a written statement, “They are attacking Senator Fischer for supporting two bills that helped the agriculture community and posed no conflict of interest despite their ridiculous accusations.”

AUDIO: NDP Chairman-elect Vince Powers charges Republican Deb Fischer of using a double standard [5:45]

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