February 6, 2016

You can vote early, but not often, in Nebraska (AUDIO)

Have you voted yet?

It’s a good bet some of your neighbors have.

Early voting began this week. Many Nebraska voters have either requested a mail-in ballot or have made a trip to the local election authority and cast their ballot.

Secretary of State John Gale speculates that early campaigns lead to early voting.

“Well, I think a lot of it’s because, like in a presidential year, the presidential elections start so early, people start campaigning a couple of years out and, I think, by fall in an election year, people have their mind pretty well made up,” Gale tells Nebraska Radio Network. “They know which side of the fence they’re on and they’re not waiting for further information.”

Early voting for the November 6th election began on Monday. Any registered Nebraska voter can cast an early-voting ballot by mail or in person at county election offices. Registration for this election ends at 6pm October 26th. Registrations close at motor vehicle offices and state agencies October the 19th and any mail-in voter registration must be postmarked by October 19th.

Residents new to the state need to register as well as those at least 18-years-old who have never registered to vote. If you have changed addresses or changed names, you need to update your registration.

For those wishing to vote early, you must request a mail-in ballot no later than 4pm October 31st. If a mail-in ballot is to be counted, it must arrive at the election official’s office by Election Day.

You can vote early as late as November 5th, the day before Election Day.

The Secretary of State’s website, sos.ne.gov, provides detailed information regarding the voting process. If you have questions, you can call your local county election office or the Secretary of State’s Office at (402) 471-2555.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45]

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