November 25, 2015

Sen. Fisher calls Nebraska Democratic Party complaint a “political stunt” (AUDIO)

“This is obviously a partisan political stunt.”

That from State Senator and Republican U-S Senate Candidate Deb Fisher on an ethics complaint filed by the Nebraska Democratic Party over the sale of property along the Snake River. In 2011, Senator Fisher introduced LB 229. She insists it was a water conservation bill that centered on the Platte River Recovery Program and had nothing to do with property along the Snake River.

Senator Fisher and her family had been involved in a legal battle over land along the Snake River in 1995. The Fisher’s claimed they were the owners a section of land. They sued their neighbors and lost. Later, the owners wanted to sell that land to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The ethics complaint filed against Fisher by the Democratic Party states LB-229 would have taken money away from the environmental trust, money that would have been used to purchase that property. The claim goes on to say that Game and Parks would have opened that land up for public use and that would lower the value of Fisher’s land.

Fisher tells Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KFAB’s Good Morning Show the bill focused on the Platte River where she doesn’t own land. She also says there was a lot of confusion regarding the purchase of the Snake River property when she attended a Game and Parks Commission meeting in 2010. She says even county commissioners were not informed by Game and Parks staff that the sale of land was being considered. She attended the meeting at the request of the Cherry County Board which she says also did not have specifics about the sale.

AUDIO: Sen. Fischer answers questions about ethics complaint on KFAB’s Good Morning Show. [3:22]

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