February 7, 2016

Dept of Roads warns: no politicking on highway right-of-way

A political message, of sorts, is being spread by the Nebraska Department of Roads.

And, that message is that campaign signs do not belong on the highway right-of-way.

“This time of year, the season changes and the leaves fall and, also, we see signs that show up on the sides of roads and highways,” says Department of Roads spokeswoman Mary Jo Oie. “Well, if they are within the state highway rights-of-way they are illegal.”

State law prohibits campaigns signs, or any sign that doesn’t have a permit, on the state highway right-of-way. As Election Day draws nearer, more and more signs appear along Nebraska roadways, some of which edge onto the state right-of-way.

Maintenance crews will remove the signs and store them at maintenance yards. The owners can reclaim the signs.

Oie says the Department of Roads tries to get the message out to all politicians.

“And, then also, we do receive calls from people who will point out to us where they are. As we can, our maintenance folks do collect them and keep them safe for a while,” Oie says.

The Department of Roads says that anyone wishing more information about the boundaries of right-of-way corridors or needing permit information should contact their Nebraska Roads District headquarters or the nearest NDOR office.

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