February 11, 2016

Kerrey says he wants to change the culture in Congress (AUDIO)

Democrat Bob Kerrey says he wants to change the culture in Congress.

Kerrey, running for his old seat in the United States Senate, says the two political parties have too much power in the Senate.

“If you look at the Senate today, they have a caucus meeting on Tuesday, they have a policy meeting on Wednesday and the Republicans and Democrats meet separately,” Kerrey says. “There used to be a dining room where the Republicans and Democrats would get together, at least for lunch. They shut that down.”

Kerrey concedes the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee backs his race for United States Senate. But, Kerrey insists that won’t make him beholden to the Democratic Caucus in the Senate, if elected.

Kerrey says he will go to Washington determined to end the power of the two political parties on the Senate.

“It’s a constant process of trying to out maneuver the other party and trying to defeat the other party and it’s not constructive,” according to Kerrey. “So, I’m relatively confident that significant numbers of the Democratic Caucus won’t like the proposal that I’m making, because I’m proposing to end the caucuses as we have in the Nebraska Unicameral.”

Kerrey says that if elected, he will sponsor a constitutional amendment to make Congress more closely reflect the non-partisan nature of the Nebraska Unicameral.

AUDIO: Democrat Bob Kerrey discusses the political caucus structure in Congress. [1 min.]

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