February 6, 2016

Fischer accuses Kerrey of distorting boundary dispute (AUDIO)

Cherry County Commissioner Jerry Adamson shares a laugh with Deb Fischer during the news conference. Gov. Dave Heineman is to Adamson’s left.

Republican United States Senate candidate Deb Fischer today fired back against accusations leveled by her opponent, Democrat Bob Kerrey.

Fischer accused the Kerrey campaign of distorting a boundary dispute she had with neighbor 15 years ago during a news conference held at the State Republican Party headquarters in Lincoln.

“We found out that in many campaigns and in this one now as well that some people will do and say anything to win,” Fischer stated. “That’s not what we do here in Nebraska.”

The Kerrey campaign has launched a television ad that criticizes Fischer for suing Les and Betty Kime to resolve a boundary dispute between their two ranches. The Fischer’s lost their lawsuit in 1997 and a fence was erected between the properties.

Gov. Dave Heineman attended the news conference and came to the defense of Fischer, asserting that the ad was merely a negative, personal attack on Fischer.

“I want to be very clear what Bob Kerrey’s attack ad is all about. Bob Kerrey is losing this race to Deb Fischer and the polls confirm that. Bob Kerrey is losing, because he’s out of touch with Nebraskans,” Heineman stated.

Fischer said she and her husband went to court to clarify the boundary between the two properties so they could sell land in the disputed area.

“We had various offers on some of the parcels of land there and we were advised by our attorney that that was the course we had to take,” according to Fischer. “When land is for sale, you have to make sure that that boundary is clarified and that’s what we did.”

The news conference in Lincoln was attended by several residents of north-central Nebraska who claim the Fischers as their neighbors.

Cherry County Commissioner Jerry Adamson said he doesn’t understand what message the ad seeks to send.

“And when they’re attacking the Fischer family, they’re attacking a lot of us in Cherry County,” Adamson said. “If they’re saying they’re not a good neighbor, they need to look up the definition of neighbor, because that is the Fischer family.”

AUDIO: Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer holds news conference on Kerrey TV ad [11 min.]

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