February 10, 2016

Fischer defends legal action against neighbor, fires back at Kerrey (AUDIO)

Republican Deb Fischer responds to questions during news conference at GOP HQ

Republican Deb Fischer during a news conference in Lincoln defended a lawsuit against a neighbor settled 15 years ago against accusations by her opponent that it discloses a weakness in her character.

The charge leveled by Democrat Bob Kerrey is that the lawsuit Deb Fischer and her husband filed against Les and Betty Kime demonstrates Fischer’s decision making. Kerrey insists that in Nebraska you simply don’t sue a neighbor who has been kind to you.

“I would respond that Mr. Kerrey has distorted the facts of this case and it shows how desperate he is in this campaign,” Fischer responded when asked about the contention.

Fischer called the news conference at the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters, backed by Gov. Dave Heineman, a number of state senators and neighbors from north-central Nebraska.

The news conference came in response to a series of news conferences held by Kerrey throughout Nebraska as he unveiled his new television commercial that highlights the dispute between the Fischer and Kime ranches. Kerrey and the Nebraska Democratic Party accuse the Fischers of trying to take the land, then when the Kimes refused to sell, taking them to court.

Fischer countered that the lawsuit simply sought clarity on the boundary between the Fischer ranch and the Kime ranch. She said the boundary had to be settled before the Fischers followed through with plans to sell portions of their ranch.

Fischer dismissed suggestions it is a major issue in the United States Senate campaign.

“I think that Mr. Kerrey and his party, the Democrats, have blown it out of proportion. I think they have distorted the facts,” Fischer said. “You know, this happened over 15 years ago.”

As for Kerrey, he sees it as relevant, because he claims it discloses Fischer’s character.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

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