February 11, 2016

Flood damaged fountains along Omaha riverfront will be repaired

One more step in the recovery of the 2011 Missouri River flood. On Tuesday the Omaha City Council approved funding to repair two water fountains at Heartland of America Park along the riverfront. The repairs come with a price tag of $900-thousand but federal FEMA and state funds will pay the majority of the bill. Omaha’s share is just over 12% or $40,000.

Omaha Parks and Recreation Department Maintenance Manager Brook Bench told the Omaha City Council the city will make up that $40,000 within the first few years of use as it is much more efficient than the one destroyed in the flood. That system was 30-years old.

Bench also told the council the funding offered to help repair the fountains can only be used for that project and can not be transferred to other accounts in the city. Omaha’s share of the bill will come from Park and Recreation bond funds.

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