February 7, 2016

Kerrey says legal dispute shows Fischer’s character (AUDIO)

Democrat Bob Kerrey

Democrat Bob Kerrey insists the legal action Republican Deb Fischer took against a neighbor 15 years ago is relevant in this year’s United States Senate race.

Kerrey presses his contention that the land dispute Fischer had with her neighbors discloses a lot about her.

Fischer and her husband, Bruce, shared about 100 acres of land with Les and Betty Kime between their two ranches for years. The Fischers first attempted to buy the land, and then filed a lawsuit claiming the land should be theirs because they had maintained it. The Fischers lost the lawsuit in 1997.

Kerrey says the lawsuit speaks to Fischer’s character, which he says voters need to understand.

“There’s almost nothing about me they don’t know, but there’s a lot about Sen. Fischer they don’t know and they need to understand it,” Kerrey tells Nebraska Radio Network in an interview. “Let them make up their own minds, by the way, whether it’s relevant. But, it’s not an act of desperation on my part. It’s Sen. Fischer who’s desperate for Nebraskans not to know it.”

Kerrey rejects Fischer’s contention that he has distorted the issue. Kerrey defends his television ad as factually correct. He says Fischer’s legal action against her neighbor is reflected in her campaign style, saying soothing things to audiences on the campaign trail while not being specific about how her proposed budget cuts will affect Nebraskans.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

AUDIO: Brent Martin interviews Democrat Bob Kerrey about his accusations against Republican Deb Fischer. [8:35]

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