February 5, 2016

UNO political science professor sees tight 2nd Congressional District race

The District Two House of Representatives race is heating up. Republican Congressman Lee Terry Democratic challenger John Ewing are pretty close in recent polls, according to University of Nebraska – Omaha Political Science Professor Dr. Randal Atkins. He says in the last election Congressman Terry weathered the storm well in the District Two race despite the majority of the vote going for Obama. The question now is what will happen this time around.

Adkins says after the election the Obama campaign could be looking at their strategy and regret not spending more time in Nebraska because he believes the electoral vote is going to be very close.

Atkins says the race between Obama and Romney has tightened in the last few weeks. He says in order for Mitt Romney to win his paths must include states like

Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin and the Midwest are very important in these closing weeks of this presidential race.

Tonight’s debate is at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and it starts at 8:00.

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