February 8, 2016

AARP releases results from “You’ve Earned a Say” national survey

AARP released the results of their “You’ve Earned a Say” survey on how to protect Social Security and Medicare. Nebraskans were given several opportunities over the past several months to voice their concerns and complete a questionnaire regarding the future of those two programs.

Nebraska AARP spokesperson Devorah Lanner says 3,000 Nebraskans took part and Nebraskans view mirrored national results that show both programs are critical to their health and retirement security and those steps need to be taken to stabilize both.

The poll found that 47% of voter’s age 50-plus is not confident that they’ll ever be able to retire and 67% believe the recent economic downturn will force them to rely even more on Social Security and Medicare.

The survey shows voter’s 50-plus think the next president and Congress need to strengthen Social Security and Medicare and 91% believe these issues are too big for either party to fix alone and require bipartisan cooperation.

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