February 6, 2016

Group favors two terms, opposes Three (AUDIO)

A group opposing Amendment Three argues that term limits for state senators shouldn’t change.

Nebraskans Against Amendment Three has been formed to oppose the constitutional amendment on the ballot November 6th which would add a term to the limit on the service of state senators.

Spokeswoman Gwenn Aspen said the group has received an overwhelmingly positive response as it travels the state campaigning against the issue.

“It’s not like we have a citizen’s push to give our legislators more time,” Aspen told Kevin Thomas on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln. “I mean, this did not come from the people. This came from special interests and legislators themselves. So, of course the people are overwhelmingly on our side. This is what they voted for three times. And so, we’re seeing an overwhelmingly positive response and it definitely makes our job easier.”

The legislature approved Amendment Three and placed it on the ballot. It would add one term to the consecutive terms state senators could serve; from the current two consecutive terms to three. State senators could run for a seat in the Unicameral again after sitting out a term.

That is an argument Aspen uses, pointing out that Nebraska law simply requires lawmakers to take a break after serving two terms.

“And the reason it’s so important that they do that is because we want them to know that they’re there to represent their constituents. We don’t want them to think that this is just a career job for people,” Aspen stated. “We think that when they know that they’re there for a specific position and it’s to represent their people, they do a better job for us.”

Kevin Thomas, KLIN, contributed to this report.

AUDIO: Excerpt from Kevin Thomas’ interview with Gwenn Aspen on Amendment Three [3 min.]

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