February 13, 2016

Local Red Cross volunteers ready for Hurricane Sandy

Volunteers with the Nebraska – Southwest Iowa Region of the American Red Cross are back east ready to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Communications Specialist Allison Roach says two volunteers, one from Omaha and another from Columbus, are on site back east and all volunteers are on call and will make the trip once flights resume.

Roach says local volunteers will spend anywhere from 14 to 21 days at disaster sites and will provide counseling, medical care, food and shelter to the victims. Roach says they currently have 112 shelters in nine states and all could remain in operation for up to one month. Sunday night, 3,200 victims took advantage of the shelters.

Roach says Nebraskans can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in two ways. The first is to make a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The second way is to organize a blood drive or to make an appointment to donate blood. She says because of the storm about 100 blood drives were cancelled and this could cause a critical shortage of blood.

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