February 12, 2016

American Crossroads denies media buy indicates Senate race worries (AUDIO)

American Crossroads has included Nebraska in a huge media buy to help the campaigns of Republican Senate candidates across the country.

American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS have announced they will spend $10.5 million in 10 races for United States Senate in the final week of the campaign. It has made a $420,000 television ad buy in Nebraska in support of Republican Deb Fischer and against Democrat Bob Kerrey.

The political action committees that provide funding for Republican candidates were founded by Karl Rove, the campaign manager for former President George W. Bush.

American Crossroads spokesman, Nate Hodson, denies the group has made the major media buy, because it worries Fischer could lose to Kerrey.

AUDIO: American Crossroads spokesman Nate Hodson [:20]

“Well, Nebraska is a must win race for Republicans. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we are committed to reminding folks and voters in Nebraska in these final days of Bob Kerrey’s very liberal views,” Hodson tells Nebraska Radio Network. “On the flip side, you would have to say Democrats aren’t spending any money there to try to help Bob Kerrey, so clearly they don’t think he has a shot at all.”

Recent polling indicates the race between Fischer and Kerrey is getting tighter after many had considered the race a lost cause for Democrats.

The two are running to replace Democrat Ben Nelson, who is retiring from public office after serving two terms in the United States Senate. Kerrey held the seat prior to Nelson. Fischer is a two-term state senator from Valentine, where she runs a ranch with her husband.

Hodson dismisses suggestions by the Kerrey camp and other Democrats that the ad buy by American Crossroads is a clear sign that Republicans worry they might lose what many consider an easy pick up.

AUDIO: Hodson [:16]

“Look, I mean, the reality is that because we have been active in Nebraska prior to and it should be no surprise that we want to continue to remind voters of Bob Kerrey’s very liberal views, which he formed in New York City,” according to Hodson.

Nebraska is seen as a key pick-up for Republicans if they have any hope to taking control of the United States Senate from Democrats.

Click here to see the Crossroads TV ad.

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