February 10, 2016

Fischer says deep concern about direction of country drives campaign (AUDIO)

Deb Fischer

State Senator Deb Fischer says she’s running for United States Senate, because she’s deeply concerned about the direction the country is headed.

Fischer, a state senator from Valentine, focuses largely on what she terms Washington’s out-of-control spending, which she says has created a host of problems. Fischer rejects Democrat Bob Kerrey’s criticism of her call for a balance-budget constitutional amendment and her signing of a no-tax pledge.

“Well, I guess I would criticize him for always saying that we have to raise taxes,” Fischer tells Nebraska Radio Network in an interview. “You know we haven’t done that here in the state of Nebraska. We balance our budget every year. I’ve done it the last eight years. We’re required to do it. It’s in our constitution and we need to see that at the federal level as well.”

A growing economy would raise the revenue needed, according to Fischer, who says the federal government can help create jobs by lessening the burden of business regulations and by removing the uncertainty that the federal health care overhaul and potential tax increases have created.

Fischer says those 40 years old and younger must expect changes to Social Security and Medicare benefits to keep them solvent, but insists the government must keep its promises to older Americans.

The response to the financial crisis of 2008, according to Fischer, is a classic example of the federal government reacting to a crisis and finding out the consequences later.

Fischer would vote to repeal the federal healthcare overhaul. She favors a step-by-step process to make health care more affordable and accessible; a cap on liability claims in medical malpractice lawsuits, allowing insurance to be sold across state lines and authorizing the formation of healthcare associations.

Fischer sees Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as America’s gravest security threat.

Fischer says she’s saddened that a former United States Senator would stoop as low as Kerrey has in attacking her about a land dispute with a neighbor settled 15 years ago.

AUDIO: Brent Martin interviews Republican Deb Fischer about her U.S. Senate run. [22 min.]

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