February 7, 2016

Hagel denies he’s endorsed Kerrey to obtain cabinet post (AUDIO)

A suggestion that former Sen. Chuck Hagel has endorsed Democrat Bob Kerrey for Senate, because he desires a cabinet position in the Obama Administration doesn’t sit well with Hagel.

Sen. Mike Johanns, the Republican who succeeded Hagel in the U-S Senate, suggested Hagel might be angling for a position in the administration should President Obama be re-elected.

“Chuck has been very clear about the fact that he would love to be in the Obama Administration,” Johanns stated during a news conference with Republican Deb Fischer at the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters in Lincoln. “I think Chuck would love to think that he’s on the list to be Secretary of something.”

Hagel serves as chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board after accepting an invitation from President Obama. He stated during a news conference in Lincoln that he did it, because he wanted to serve his country and said it reflected well on Nebraska.

Hagel flatly denied he’s come out for Kerrey, because he wants a cabinet post in a second Obama Administration.

“If that was my motive, what the hell am I doing in Nebraska,” Hagel said to laughter from supporters gathered in the Capitol Rotunda. “I can assure you I’d be probably in Ohio.”

Hagel claimed he has turned down invitations from the president to take a senior position in the administration.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45]

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