November 29, 2015

Nebraska offense has plenty of work ahead of them–Big Red Report (AUDIO)

Looking back on the Big Ten title game, everyone was talking about Wisconsin’s offense as they should. It was a game where the Huskers allowed more rushing yards than in any other game, but on the flip side of that, Nebraska’s offense didn’t do much to keep Wisconsin’s offense off the field.

After the Huskers closed the game to 14-10, their next five possessions never lasted more than 1:44. That went early into the third quarter when the Huskers finally scored again to make the game 49-10. Offensive coordinator Tim Beck felt his offense was ready to go.

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The other wrinkle that the Huskers couldn’t figure out was when the Badgers would line up just two down lineman and 3rd down and long situations. Their defensive ends Brendan Kelly and David Gilbert were getting great pressure off the ends.

Taylor Martinez got picked off twice and fumbled once…he’s accounted for more turnovers than any other player in FCS football. While his 76 yard touchdown run was absolutely remarkable, his 140 yards rushing is an inflated number. Take away that run and a 25 yard run he had late in the fourth quarter and the Badgers held Taylor to 36 yards on 17 carries, a 2.11 yards per rush average.

As bad as the defense was, there is plenty of work ahead for the offense who will be facing a very talented Georgia defense. I’ll talk more about them on tomorrow’s Big Red Report.

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