February 13, 2016

Glance at the stats, shows Huskers edge out Bulldogs–Big Red Report (AUDIO)

The Capital One Bowl is not the Rose Bowl, but in terms of the opponent that they are going to face, Georgia will be a much tougher opponent than what the Huskers would have faced in Stanford, so while the prestige of the game isn’t as high, it will provide a far superior challenge. In terms of offensive schemes that Georgia runs, if the Huskers want to reference a Big Ten game from the season, defensive coordinator John Papuchis may go back to Michigan State.

AUDIO Hear Papuchis and Beck on the Big Red Report (2:00)

As far as offensive coordinator Tim Beck, he won’t have the same type of luxury as Papuchis of being able to go back to a Big Ten opponent to reference for Georgia’s defense. When it comes to the Bulldogs and the SEC as a whole, they build their championships off of defense.

According to stats on NCAA.com, Georgia’s defense ranks 27th in the country and Nebraska’s 22nd. As far as offense, against Nebraska just ahead of Georgia. NU is 25th and Georgia again 27th, so for as much hype that’s been made about Georgia being five yards shy of playing for the national title, the numbers show the Huskers have the personnel to hang with them.

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