February 7, 2016

Gov. Heineman says he’s preparing for upcoming legislative session (AUDIO)

Gov. Dave Heineman and his staff are preparing for the upcoming legislative session.

Heineman says he’s ready to get started.

“I feel good. Obviously, the major issue that we’re preparing for is the budget,” Heineman says. “The beginning of a two-year legislative cycle, the budget is clearly the one piece of legislation that we need to pass. There will be challenges, but I put my priorities on education and jobs.”

Heineman remains concerned about the budgetary impact of the federal healthcare law, including new demands placed on funding Medicaid. The governor says decisions made in Washington will have a big impact on discussions in Lincoln.

“I’m very, very concerned about the impact of the new Affordable Care Act and what it means for Medicaid and how the increase in Medicaid is going to reduce funding for education,” Heineman says.

The legislative session at the Capitol in Lincoln begins January 9th.

 AUDIO: Gov. Dave Heineman discusses preparations for upcoming legislative session. [:33]

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