February 6, 2016

Sen. Johanns says Newtown killings raise troubling questions, few answers

Sen. Mike Johanns says it will be hard for the government to stop mass killings such as what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“What happened in this little community was like staring evil in the face. And it is bone-chilling,” according to Johanns.

Johanns says the incident raises a host of questions. He points out that Connecticut is a leader in mental health issues and has strict gun control laws, yet neither stopped the senseless killing of 20 First Graders and six adults.

Johanns says Congress will have a hard time finding any answers.

“I don’t know that anybody can make a promise that if you ban video games or you get violence out of movies or you take this specific type of weapon off the street that that evil will cease to be there,” Johanns says.

Johanns says the question surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre is deeply disturbing.

“What went wrong that somebody who was so detached, disassociated from reality wasn’t connected with some level of treatment that could have saved these lives?”

Johanns says it will be difficult for the government to find the answer.

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