February 6, 2016

Senator claims O-P-S board missed state law deadline

Omaha State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh says Omaha Public School’s Board of Education violated a state law that requires new members to be sworn in before the first Monday in January.

He says state law requires if the deadline is missed all new member elections are wiped out and the board must fill the vacancies. OPS didn’t swear in their new members until the evening of Monday, January 7th.

Senator Lautenbaugh says there is another problem. He says board members sworn in two years ago also missed the deadline and their elections are also in question. His solution is to hold another school board election when voters select a new Omaha mayor in the spring.

Senator Lautenbaugh also introduced a bill last week that would reduce the number of O-P-S board members from twelve to nine.

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