February 7, 2016

Former Husker plays big part in Ravens’ Super Bowl win

The Ravens hold on for a 34-31 Super Bowl win and former Husker and Seward, NE native, Sam Kock, the Ravens punter used his legs for more than just punting to help seal the victory for Baltimore.  He held the ball at the back of the end zone for eight seconds before taking a safety, then boomed a 61 yard punt on the free kick to essentially end the game as Ted Ginn Jr. returned the ball 31 yards before getting tackled as time expired to end the Super Bowl.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was complaining about the refs, not only not calling holding on their last offensive play but also complaining about his players being held in the end zone and not being able to get to the punter or force him out of bounds sooner.  Unless the rule is different on a safety, if the offense would have been called for a penalty on that play, there would have been an automatic 10 second run off and the game therefore ending without the 49ers even getting an opportunity for return.

Koch averaged 41.6 yards on three punts with two touchbacks.  However, he shanked one punt and had to push the return man out of bounds at the 20 yard line.  That eventually led to a San Francisco touchdown, cutting the lead for Baltimore to 28-20.

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