February 9, 2016

Rex is ready to wow at NFL Combine

Heading into the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Rex Burkhead feels stronger and faster and is ready to shock scouts this weekend. Burkhead is looking for an overall solid performance. To help get ready, the 5’11 210 pound back stayed in Florida after the Capital One Bowl.  Burkhead went to Bommarito Performance Systems which has a history of working with pro running backs. His diet changed to organic foods and shakes and every calorie was counted and his plan was devised by the Bommarito staff.

“This facility, they prepared me in every single way, from massage to physical therapy to chiropractic care,” he said. “I had everything I needed to get my body in the best possible condition. I’m feeling good and just ready to roll.”

The biggest question for Burkhead will be the health of his knee.

“I’ve heard things at the Combine where if you had something in the past, they’re going to check it out as much as possible,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll get an MRI and all that stuff. But I’m not too worried about it. It feels good. It feels as good as the other knee.”

Burkhead will go through the physical exams and interviews with NFL personnel on Friday and Saturday. The backs then take to the Lucas Oil Stadium turf on Sunday.

“I really think I can probably surprise some people there. Just that I can do multiple things,” Burkhead said.

After the NFL Combine, Burkhead will return to Lincoln and train for the Huskers’ pro day on March 7.

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