February 7, 2016

Hastings teacher finishes marathon just before bombings (AUDIO/VIDEO)

There were 85 runners from Nebraska participating in the Boston Marathon on Monday. Hastings elementary teacher Stacy Shaw was among them. Shaw had just crossed the finish line when two explosions, just seconds apart, shook around here.

Shaw just finished the race, saying she didn’t even have a chance to get her medal for finishing or take a drink of water before she felt the explosions behind her. Shaw kept her calm as her attention turned to her son,who had traveled with her to watch her run the race. She immediately grabbed her phone and her son answered on the second ring. She was thankful she got in touch with him so quickly, because shortly after that, cell phone coverage was cut off.

Shaw will return to Hastings on Thursday, but this morning from her hotel in Boston,  she made a phone call to her classroom at Longfellow Elementary.  Shaw said her students just wanted to hear her voice and make sure she was alright. A couple of them had questions, but she said she thought they were just mostly scared and happy to hear her voice.

AUDIO Bill Pollock reports on Shaw (:46–Shaw audio courtesy of KHAS Radio)

Watch this report from KMTV-Omaha




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