December 1, 2015

Wounded policeman thanks supporters, expects full recovery

The Sioux City, Iowa, police officer who was shot last Monday during a traffic stop says he’s grateful for the support he and his family have received.

Officer Kevin McCormick says he has heard from countless people and fellow officers from around the country as he recovers at home.

“The department and friends and family and community members and just random strangers from all over the country,” McCormick says. “I received more text messages and emails and phone calls and personal contacts than I could ever dream and it really tugs at my heart strings.”

The suspect in the shooting, 21-year-old Jamal Dean of Sioux City, was arrested in Texas over the weekend and is awaiting extradition to Iowa on an attempted murder charge.

McCormick has had the stitches removed from his forehead and is on the way to what doctors say should be a full recovery.

“These last few mornings, I’ve woken up with little if any pain at all,” he says. “No headaches, just localized pain. I’m so extremely grateful, having experienced this, that I’m able to sit here and talk with you guys about this.”

McCormick has been on the force just 15 months. He says he’s anxious to get back on the streets.

“I’ve only been at this for a short period of time and maybe it’s the rookie talking, but I love this job,” he says. “I love coming in and doing what I do every day. I love the group of guys and gals I run with. I have a great deal of pride in working for the Sioux City Police Department.”

He expects to be back on duty within a couple of weeks. McCormick is married with a one-year-old daughter. His father, Mike, is a police sergeant with 39 years on the force.

By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City

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