February 7, 2016

University of Nebraska – Omaha Conducts Dog Bite Study

As we head into the summer months the number of dog bite reports increase. University of Nebraska – Omaha Department of Psychology Professor Dr. Rosemary Strasser conducted a three year study on dog bites and says most of them happen with a dog the person is familiar with.

Dr. Strasser’s report shows 42% of all bites happen when a dog is running loose and 18% are territorial bites. It also shows that family members are bitten more than strangers and dogs bite children on the face and neck and adults on the hand or arm.

The Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha is concerned with the increased number of bites they are investigating. There have been 200 dog bites reported so far this year and more than 600 in 2012. The Humane Society developed a dog bite prevent class to hopefully reduce the number of incidents.

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