February 9, 2016

Sen. Lathrop tours state as he considers running for governor (AUDIO)

Sen. Steve Lathrop/Photo courtesy of Unicameral Information Office

Sen. Steve Lathrop/Photo courtesy of Unicameral Information Office

A state senator from Omaha has been touring the state as he considers whether to run for governor.

Sen. Steve Lathrop of Omaha says he will weigh three considerations to determine if he enters the gubernatorial race. His first consideration is his family, which he says is on board with whatever decision he might make.

“The second I think is the people and whether or not the issues and the things that are of concern to them are issues that I bring something to,” Lathrop tells Nebraska Radio Network. “And, I’m hopeful that that is the case, but that’s what the next couple of weeks will be about.”

His third consideration is his profession.

Lathrop maintains his law practice while serving in the legislature. Lathrop is in his second term in the Unicameral, where he serves as chairman of the Business and Labor Committee. He also serves on the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees.

Lathrop, a Democrat, hopes to raise his profile during the tour.

“About the work we’ve done in the legislature; building consensus, bringing people together,” Lathrop says. “I expect us to be well received.”

Lathrop began the tour last week with a stop in Plattsmouth. He plans to visit 20 communities during the statewide tour. He says he likely will make a decision about whether to enter the race by mid-July.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:40]

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