July 12, 2014

Fischer learns from leaders and troops during Middle East visit (AUDIO)

Sen. Fischer with troops in Kabul, Afghanistan/Sen. Fischer Facebook photo

Sen. Fischer with troops in Kabul, Afghanistan/Sen. Fischer Facebook photo

Sen. Deb Fischer says she learned a lot during her trip to the Middle East over the Independence Day holiday.

Fischer was one of six United States Senators visiting troops in Afghanistan on the 4th. She says she wanted to learn how the war in Afghanistan is going; realizing that America’s role in the country is changing.

“But, the Afghans on going to have to take care of their country and they’re stepping forward and doing that,” Fischer tells Kevin Thomas, host of Drive Time Lincoln on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN. “And I heard it from the generals and I heard it from the guys who have the boots on the ground.”

Fischer says it might be a gruesome measurement of the transition, but she can tell that the Afghans are taking a larger role in the war, because of a rising number of casualties among Afghan troops.

The senators also made stops in Turkey and Jordan, two of America’s strongest allies in the region. Fischer says they visited a refugee camp in Syria. Both countries have been absorbing refugees from the civil war in Syria, placing extreme stress on their governments.

Fischer says leaders in the two countries simply want to know where the United States stands on Syria and Egypt and want assurances that America will not abandon the region.

Kevin Thomas, KLIN, contributed to this report.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:35]

AUDIO: Sen. Deb Fischer speaks with Drive Time Lincoln host Kevin Thomas about her trip to the Middle East. [13:30]