August 4, 2015

Gov. Heineman pledges the state will help Wayne recover

Tornado damage at Wayne/Photo courtesy of NSP Aviation Division

Tornado damage at Wayne/Photo courtesy of NSP Aviation Division

A long recovery period is ahead for Wayne, after an EF4 tornado left plenty of destruction in its wake.

The tornado injured 15, one critically. It took out a number of homes and businesses.

Gov. Dave Heineman says state agencies responded quickly to assist local responders.

“We had an emergency response team there to help with some of the major employers,” Heineman tells Nebraska Radio Network affiliate WNAX. “It would appear there’s going to be a period of time when people will be going on unemployment insurance. We wanted to assist them.”

But, Heineman says that is only a temporary solution.

“More importantly what we’re trying to do with our economic development team is, ‘How do we get these structures back up?’ Can we find temporary facilities so they can put their people back to work? It’s going to be a partnership with the business community.”

Heineman says insurance companies have already responded, some writing checks on the spot to businesses to help in the recovery. The local community has responded, trying to pick up the pieces and get back on its feet. The governor says the state just wants to help in their work.

Jerry Oster, WNAX, contributed to this article

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