February 10, 2016

Ag Secretary Vilsack says Farm Bill goes well beyond the farm (AUDIO)

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack lobbied for passage of the Farm Bill during a stop in Nebraska.

Vilsack told reporters after his speech at a University of Nebraska-Lincoln conference the Farm Bill means more than its name implies.

“It’s more than about help and the safety net for farmers and producers; more than about the nutrition assistance programs. It’s about all that in-between, which is why every American benefits from the passage of this bill,” Vilsack said.

Vilsack spoke at the 2013 Rural Futures Conference at The Cornhusker in downtown Lincoln.

In his address “Rural America: New Markets, New Understanding, Unlimited Opportunity”, Vilsack stated agriculture provides great opportunity for youth, both to make money and to impact their world.

After the speech, Vilsack met with reporters to discuss the Farm Bill, among other topics.

Vilsack touted the Farm Bill as wide-ranging legislation that will boost the economy in a number of sectors.

Vilsack said Congress could benefit from passage of the legislation.

“And, I think it will frankly also, potentially, act as a reminder to members of Congress what bipartisanship looks like and the benefit that can accrue from bipartisanship and hopefully that would lead to a budget bill and potentially a deal on immigration reform,” Vilsack said.

Ken Anderson, Brownfield Ag News, contributed to this report.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:45]

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