July 11, 2014

Hundreds served each night at Omaha homeless shelter

Bitter cold nights means Omaha’s Siena Francis House homeless shelter in Omaha is packed. Executive Director Mike Saklar says every night they manage to find room for everyone in need. They serve more than 500 individuals each night by providing a hot meal and a warm place to stay.

Saklar says their men’s shelter is at 155% capacity and their women’s facility is at 145%. He says they cover every available space with mats for sleeping and even place chairs along the walls so people can have a place to rest.

Saklar says there is always room for one more. Starting at 8 pm each night staff patrols areas around the shelter looking for those in need and offer their services. He says they patrol every hour for about 20 or 30 minutes.

The Siena Francis House also provides warm clothing to those in need and is always seeking donations. They are also in need of extra single bed sized sheets, blankets and pillows.