July 11, 2014

Retired Col. Tom Brewer to challenge Adrian Smith in 3rd District (AUDIO)

Tom Brewer files for the 3rd Congressional District as Deputy Secretary of State Neal Erickson looks on

Tom Brewer files for the 3rd Congressional District as Deputy Secretary of State Neal Erickson looks on

A long-time Army veteran has decided to run for Congress, in the Republican primary, against the incumbent.

Retired Col. Tom Brewer has announced he will challenge Congressman Adrian Smith in the Third Congressional District.

“I was told by the Army that because of my wounds I can no longer be on active duty and I felt like I still had more to give and I made the conscious decision that that service would be in my attempt to become a Congressman and serve as a Congressman,” Brewer tells Nebraska Radio Network in an interview.

A rocket-propelled grenade attack near Kabul, Afghanistan in late 2011severely wounded Brewer, who was working as the Chief of Operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s counter narcotics task force. It was his sixth tour in Afghanistan. Brewer has won two Purple Hearts.

Brewer says he understands how difficult it will be for him to defeat Congressman Smith in the Republican primary.

“Near impossible; if you look at the war chest that he has and the name recognition,” Brewer says. “It’s going to require lots of windshield time, lots of greeting and handshaking and getting to know the people. Hopefully, there’s enough time left to do that and cover the Third District so I have a viable shot.”

Brewer credits Smith with doing only an average job in Congress.

“He is of the mindset that he is simply going to go along to get along and do as little as possible to hold his position. When you’re an incumbent with a million dollar war chest, you can have that luxury,” according to Brewer.

Brewer says his agenda in Congress will be clear.

“Focus on veterans issues. Protect the Second Amendment. Try and stop the run away budget and figure out a way that we can keep the youth in the Third District and stop losing our best and our brightest.”

AUDIO:  Brent Martin interviews retired Army Col. Tom Brewer about his decision to run for Congress. [5:15]