July 10, 2014

Super Bowl commercial to be shot in Nebraska this weekend

It has been hush-hush, but finally the story is emerging.

Nebraska will be featured in one of the most watched events on television, the Super Bowl.

Members of the York High School faculty, parents, and staff held a secret meeting last night to discuss the involvement of the high school in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial scheduled to be filmed in Milligan this Saturday.

Executives from the Pepsi Corporation have stated Milligan was selected as the sight for the commercial, because of its location. Milligan, according to Pepsi, is the middle of America, right between New York and Los Angeles.

The York High School Band, Cheer Squad and Dukettes will be filmed at various locations in Milligan and will be involved in a Free Concert with a Grammy Award winning performer at 6:30pm on Main Street in downtown Milligan.

It will not be a secret once the filming begins. The public is welcome. Free Pepsi products will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You won’t have to wait until the Super Bowl to see the commercial. Pepsi will make it available on its website: pepsi.com either this Sunday or Monday.

By Eric Johnson, KAWL/KTMX