November 25, 2015

Former UNO football coach found guilty of prostitution

Pat Behrns, the former head football coach of the now-defunct University of Nebraska at Omaha football program, was found guilty after he was arrested in July on suspicion of soliciting prostitution.

The 63 year old filed an Alford plea, which does not admit to the act, but only states that he believes that prosecutors could prove the charge. He has not yet been sentenced. Behrns could be found jailed for up to two years for the misdemeanor, but he agreed to a deferred judgment on Monday and could have the conviction removed from his record upon meeting his probation requirements.

Behrns was arrested along with nine others on July 23 in Council Bluffs as part of a prostitution sting set up by local and federal authorities.

Behrns coached the Division II football program from 1994 through the 2010 season. The program folded when the University joined Division I status.

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