March 30, 2015

Brewer calls for select committee to investigate Benghazi (AUDIO)

A Congressional candidate says a select committee should be formed to investigate what went wrong that left four dead at a State Department compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Republican Tom Brewer, challenging Congressman Adrian Smith in the Third District, says a CIA Global Response team stationed at Tripoli could have come to the aid of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others, killed by a mob that stormed the compound.

“We could not understand how with all these years and the history of our military tradition of leaving no one behind that we would want to have a set up or a situation where they knew they were there, they knew they were in trouble, and were literally left behind to die,” Brewer tells Kevin Thomas, host of Drive Time Lincoln on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN.

Brewer, who retired from the military to run for Congress, says he cannot understand the reluctance to appoint a special investigative team.

“It was a horrible thing that was done,” Brewer says. “It was wrong and why we keep dragging our feet and why we put off these investigations or drag them out when I think a detective of any skill set could sort this out in a matter of weeks if he would just be given the opportunity to talk to the right people and get the answers.”

Militants attacked the United States compound in Benghazi September 11th of 2012. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed.

One of those killed, former Navy Seal Glen Doherty, died coming to the aid of Stevens. Brewer says Doherty was a friend, a colleague from Brewer’s days in Afghanistan and Iraq. Brewer calls Doherty a true professional, one of the best of the best.

“If you study want happened and how hard they fought, you know, it’s just so sad, the desperation they must have felt at the end, knowing that help wasn’t coming and then to find that the mortars that killed them on that roof had tailfin numbers that (disclosed that they) were American mortars. So, they were killed with our own weapons. Those are the kind of questions that somebody needs to ask.”

Brewer contends politics came into play that night in Benghazi and it cost people their lives.

AUDIO:  Kevin Thomas interviews Republican Tom Brewer on KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln. [10:15]

Kevin Thomas, KLIN, contributed to this report.