July 23, 2014

Drop in temperature might be more to worry about than falling snow

State Climatologist Ken Dewey at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln says forecasts of the snowfall to expect this weekend vary widely for a reason.

“It’s a difficult system to handle, because it’s not coming out as one storm. It’s coming out in three to four pieces of one big storm,” Dewey tells the Jack and Dave in the Morning Show on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN.

Dewey expects the big snowfall to start Saturday afternoon and to continue into Sunday afternoon.

“Our saving grace is the snow is not all going to come in a three hour period. It’s going to be spread over several days; light and fluffy,” Dewey says. “So, hopefully easy to remove from the sidewalks and streets.”

Dewey says some in the media were a bit too quick to report the high-end extreme snowfall forecasts for the weekend.

“There is a potential it’s just going to be a few inches to maybe four or five inches and because it’s spread out over such a long period, really beginning tomorrow (Sat) around noon and lasting until Sunday afternoon, it isn’t going to be concentrated enough to put out any warnings,” according to Dewey. “And it should be able to be plowed off the streets and sidewalks and stuff like that pretty easily.”

Dewey says the snow shouldn’t pose as much a problem as the drastic drop in temperatures. He says to expect temperatures in the single-digits on Sunday, when the normal for this time of year is in the 40s.