July 6, 2015

Nebraska allergy season is underway

Most people are ready for the start of spring but along with the nice weather comes a difficult time for those who suffer with allergies. Dr. Jill Poole is an allergist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and says allergy season is here. Trees in Nebraska start pollinating this month and will be in full swing in April. Grass pollen starts in May or June and ragweed in August. Twenty to 40% of all Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.

Dr. Poole says there are ways to lessen the effects. She suggests closing windows so tree pollen stays outdoors. If you are outside it is a good idea to change your clothing and wash your hands and face or shower when you return indoors. Dr. Poole says over-the-counter nasal sinus irrigation products do help but avoid nasal decongestant sprays. For severe allergies she suggests seeing an allergist.

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