November 29, 2015

Missouri lawmakers join in fray over Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska is Ground Zero for heated debate over the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline but the project is sparking challenges in other states, too.

The pipeline would bring oil from Canada to a hub in Nebraska and one of connecting pipe runs across Missouri.

In the Show Me State’s legislature, Representative Margo McNeil is speaking out against Keystone because of environmental risks.

“If the pipes do erode over a period of ten, 20, 30 years,” McNeil says, “it is going to be on American soil that the oil leaks and that the cleanup is required and that our farmland and possibly our water supply are damaged.”

Missouri Representative Rick Brattin counters that critics who oppose the pipeline project over environmental concerns aren’t making sense.

“Our economy is based on a fossil fuel-based economy so to demonize what we will be using regardless of whether it’s from Canada or the Middle East, who hates us and will do anything to unseat our power, I think is ridiculous,” Brattin says. “We need to do everything in our power with a resolution to hopefully get a president behind what’s best for our country.”

The resolution supporting the pipeline passed the Republican-led Missouri House and urges President Obama to give his approval to the project, along with the permitting for oil production off the northern coast of Alaska.

Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon is also urging U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to support Keystone.

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