December 2, 2015

Online voter registration coming to Nebraska (AUDIO)

Gov. Dave Heineman signs LB 661 into law as Sec. of State John Gale looks on

Gov. Dave Heineman signs LB 661 into law as Sec. of State John Gale looks on

Nebraska residents soon will be able to register to vote online.

Gov. Dave Heineman has signed LB 661 into law during a ceremony in his Capitol office.

Secretary of State John Gale joined Heineman during the signing ceremony.

Gale said it only makes sense to allow online voter registration.

“Obviously, over the last 15 years many, many, many Americans depend upon online services for all kinds of things, whether it’s purchases or information or renewing their driver’s license,” Gale stated. “And so it’s just a natural sequence of things that we need to modernize our election system to accommodate that interest in online convenience.”

Under provisions of the bill, Nebraska residents will be allowed to register to vote online or to change their voter registration information online.

Gale said he expects the change to make a difference for Nebraska voters.

“Particularly to the newer generations that have lived with technology all of their school years,” according to Gale. “They expect this to be available to them and we’re glad we’re able to offer it.”

The Secretary of State’s office is to have the online system in place by July of next year so it can be ready for the 2016 elections.

Gale said Nebraska will rely on the experience of other states to make sure the online voter registration system will be both convenient and free from fraud.

“The fact that 17 other states have been able to accomplish it, we’ll have a great resource of help from them to ensure that we have the built in firewalls and security to make it a safe system,” Gale said.

Under provisions of LB 661, voter registrations would incorporate the copies of signatures on file at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

AUDIO:  Gov. Heineman holds news conference on LB 661 with Sec. of State John Gale. [5:40]

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