September 3, 2015

AAA: Gas prices have risen almost daily since mid-February

gas-pump-111A study of gasoline prices shows the national average has increased 49 of the past 52 days.

AAA spokeswoman Gail Weinholzer says pump prices in Nebraska and Iowa have been climbing steadily for several weeks, but they should be topping off fairly soon.

“They have been going up in both states although both are still significantly below where they were at this time last year,” Weinholzer says. “In fact, we’re paying the lowest amount (for this date) since 2010.”

The statewide average price in Nebraska is $3.55 a gallon, the same as the national average. Prices have bounded since the start of March.

Wienholzer says, “We have seen about a 30-cent increase or so over the last month but we do expect prices to peak out rather shortly and decline as we head into the rest of spring, assuming spring does get here.”

Three key factors are to blame for the price hikes, she says: the switch from winter to summer blends of fuel, refineries shutting down for spring maintenance and rising demand with the warmer weather.

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