November 26, 2015

Be prepared for severe weather by attending Lincoln symposium

CloudsSpringtime weather can quickly turn hazardous and Nebraskans of all ages need to be educated about the risks. The annual Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium will be held this weekend at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

UNL climatologist Ken Dewey says the offerings will include what’s called Family Weatherfest.

“We have 12 stations with hands-on activities for families that are engaged in weather for little kids all the way to the grandparents,” Dewey says. “We have exhibitors throughout the building and in the auditorium, we also have speakers.”

One of those speakers will be talking about last year’s devastating flooding in Colorado.

“Bob Henson will talk about those floods that occured in Colorado, not a once in a 100, not a once in a 200, but once in 500-year flood, 16-inches of rain in Boulder, Colorado, incredible flooding and that floodwater made its way to the Platte River.”

Dewey says another presentation will focus on weather myths. There will also be a talk by a forecaster at the national Storm Prediction Center about last year’s deadly Oklahoma tornadoes.

“Talking about what it was like to be at the Storm Prediction Center forecasting those tornadoes and what information the SPC uses to help keep us safe up here when our severe weather season kicks in,” Dewey says.

National Weather Service meteorologist Barb Mayes will discuss this past year’s severe weather in Nebraska and talk about what we might be able to expect in the spring and summer ahead.

The symposium is Saturday and includes weather spotter training at 2 P-M. Family Weatherfest runs from 9 A-M to 2 P-M. All events are at the UNL East Campus at 3310 Holdrege Street in Lincoln.

By Doug Kennedy, KWBE, BeatriceĀ 

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