December 2, 2015

Dog that bit Omaha girl will be euthanized

An English bulldog that severely bit a 9 year old girl last weekend will be euthanized. Nebraska Humane Society Vice President of Field Operations Mark Langan says this is the second time the dog had bitten a child. The first victim was a 10 year old boy who suffered a severe bite to his stomach. Langan says the bite to the girls face was so severe that a portion of her lip was reattached at a hospital.

Langan says the dog owner has been cooperative and surrendered the animal. She later signed the dog over to the Humane Society. The dog was not licensed and was not current on his rabies vaccinations so he is now in 10 day quarantine.

Langan says they have a contract with the city regarding public safety and with the dogs history of biting he is a risk to the public.

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