November 29, 2015

Nebraska spring shotgun turkey season starts Saturday

Nebraska shotgun wild turkey hunting season starts Saturday morning. Greg Wagner has been with the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission for 34 years and says this year is the worst he’s seen regarding dry conditions and urges everyone to use extra caution while out in the woods and fields.

Wagner recommends no smoking or campfires. He also says vehicles should not be parked off road on dry grass or field stubble. The exhaust and catalytic converter under a vehicle get extremely hot and that can set dry areas on fire.

Nebraska Game & Parks also recommend hunters wear blaze orange clothing or vests for safety and make sure of their target and background before firing.

Wagner says 40,000 hunters are expected to be out Saturday. He says prospects of nabbing a male or bearded turkey are very good. There are turkeys in all 93 Nebraska counties.

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