November 25, 2015

FDA approves new allergy medication

The grass is finally starting to turn green and flowers blooming. Nebraskans are ready to put the winter behind us and start enjoying nice weather but those with allergies typically think twice about heading to the great outdoors. Dr. Jeffrey Stokes is an allergist and immunologist with Alegent-Creighton Health in Omaha and says there is very good news for those who suffer with grass allergies.

Within the past two weeks the Food & Drug Administration approved two tablets for allergies that could be an alternative to the weekly-monthly shots for some patients. An oral medication should be approved in the next couple of weeks for those who suffer with ragweed in late summer – early fall.

Dr. Stokes says a nasal steroid spray that was available by prescription only is now available over the counter to battle allergies but it will take a few days to feel the benefits. He says there are also a number of other over-the-counter medications that battle allergies quite well.

Other tips to make it through the season include keeping windows closed at all times to prevent pollen from entering the home. If you have been outdoors change clothing once inside and shower or at least wash well to remove as much pollen as possible.

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