August 28, 2014

Spouse convicted in assisted suicide case

A rural Cheyenne County woman will be sentenced in June for helping her husband commit suicide.

Fifty-three-year-old DeAnn Kimble has reached a plea deal on a pair of charges that she helped 61-year-old Russell Kimble commit suicide in March. She pleaded no contest in court Thursday and a charge of concealing human skeletal remains was dropped.

Kimble is looking at a maximum of five years in prison at sentencing. A 90-day evaluation has also been ordered prior to sentencing.

According to court documents, Russell made DeAnn agree not to intervene when Russell decided it was “his time to die.” DeAnn told investigators Russell killed himself March 22 believing he was gravely ill.

She wrapped his body in a shower curtain and sheet, dragged the body along the road behind a vehicle and covered it with dirt, gravel and firewood.

By Dave Collins, KSID, Sidney