October 13, 2015

Former Husker and NBA player Piatkowski calls Clippers owner “creepy” (AUDIO)

The investigation continues into whether a voice on a recording making racial comments is that of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Eric Piatkowski, the former Husker and Clipper player tells Nebraska Radio Network, that players really don’t see the owner that much but his general impression of Sterling was that he “was creepy.”

Piatkowski doesn’t know if the NBA can make Sterling go away but doubts that he will ever be able to show his face in an arena again. Piatkowski says Sterling was not a warm and friendly man and many avoided him if possible.   He also believes that if he stays fans will not renew their season tickets and corporate sponsors will back out.

Piatkowski says Sterling did act like he owned the players and was superior to them.


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