February 7, 2016

Business booms during annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting

Thousands will of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders will be in Omaha this weekend to attend the annual meeting at the Century Link Center.

One of the hottest spots in town will be Gorat’s Steakhouse at 49th and Center Streets, a favorite of Warren Buffet, Berkshire CEO. Owner Gene Dunn says they are completely booked through Sunday. Dunn brings in extra help for the shareholder’s meeting. He says on a typical weekend day they serve upwards of 300 customers. During the shareholder’s meeting that number jumps to 800.

He says even Buffett knows to book early. Gorat’s is one of his Buffett’s favorite eateries and Dunn says he makes his reservation a year in advance.

Dunn says the annual meeting is a big economic boost for the entire city.

“Mr. Buffett has always been very gracious to keep the meeting in Omaha,” Dunn says. “No one can say this isn’t the biggest weekend in Omaha for the year as far as both the number of people that come in and the amount of money spent by the shareholders.”

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