February 8, 2016

Maxwell running for congressional seat

Politics just got a bit more interesting in Nebraska. On Wednesday former State Senator Chip Maxwell announced a petition drive to get the needed signatures to get his name on the November ballot. 

Maxwell changed his party affiliation to Independent last fall but is a well known Republican and Tea Party activist. Some believe this will split the conservative vote between incumbent Republican Lee Terry and Maxwell leaving Democratic candidate Brad Ashford the winner. Maxwell says “It has been proven over and over again. Democrats will vote for Republicans and Republicans for Democrats. They don’t care about party labels. They are just looking for the best candidate. This election boils down to one main issue. Which candidate will fight hardest for the core corrections this country needs.”

Maxwell says he didn’t run in the primary election because voter turnout is low and it is typically dominated by party insiders who protect the incumbent. He says voters in general elections are not hung up on partisanship but rather looking for the best person for the job.

Maxwell needs to collect 2,000 signatures to get his name on the November ballot.

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